At St. Charles, we welcome everyone's gifts and talents. Following are current programs and committees. Please call the rectory if you wish to bring your gifts to any of these commissions, committees, or programs. 

Worship Commission - This commission is made up of a group of parishioners who are actively involved in all aspects of the liturgies of our parish. This includes serving as lectors, table ministers, and Eucharistic ministers at mass. Chairperson: Rhonda Gilbert

Christian Service Commission: This commission comes together as a tool of evangelization not only in the church community, but in the local community and the world. Chairperson: Sherwen Keys

Religious Education Commission – This commission works to teach the principles of the Catholic faith, including Eucharist, Confirmation, and Reconciliation, to the children of our church and neighborhood. The committee also provides Catholic education to adults who want to join the Catholic faith. Director of Religious Education: Joni Scott

Alumni Committee – This committee works to ensure that our school and church alumni are included in the parish's plans and activities. Activities include an annual Alumni Sunday celebration and quarterly newsletters.

Children/Youth Committee – This committee works to serve the needs of the youth and children of our community. Activities include liturgical dance, after-school tutoring, drumming lessons, altar servers and lectors, youth choir, vacation bible school, and field trips. Chairperson: Youth - James Taylor

Fundraising Committee – This group works to raise money to support the goals and objectives of St. Charles. Chairperson: 

Kitchen and Hospitality Committee – This committee works to ensure that the commercial kitchen of St. Charles is kept in pristine condition and provides family and friends meals following funerals. The committee also works with other committees to sponsor fun activities such as our annual picnic and provides the Sunday fellowship refreshments after mass every Sunday. Committee chairpersons: Mary Ann Andrecovich, Suzan Anderson and Rene VanZaelen.

St. Vincent DePaul – This group offers person-to-person service to individuals in need through such services as emergency food and housing assistance, rent/mortgage assistance, furniture vouchers, etc. Chairperson: Sherwin Keys

Altar Servers – This group of children assists the priest at the altar during mass. Chairpersons: Mark Wedgeworth 

Choir – This group leads the congregation through songs to support the liturgy. Choir Director: Thomas Nance, III

Ushers – The users are responsible for representing the parish in a very visible way during mass. They help set the tone in preparation for the worship service, and assist with the smooth operation within the mass. Chairperson: Dan Jones